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RICH IN HEALTH is pure Plant based pea protein powder and has the highest protein content of any other vegetable protein isolate available with 99% digestability. 

Pisane is a non-genetically modified (GMO) pea protein isolate that has excellent digestibility of approximately 98%. Pisane contains 88% to 90% protein. It is both gluten free and exhibits low incidents of allergens.
It is an excellent protein source for food or supplements that meet the needs of individuals who partake in endurance and strength exercise. The level of branch chain amino acids in Pisane pea protein is higher than other vegetable protein and is comparable to those found in milk and egg protein. This is particular important in sport foods because they allow the maintenance of muscle tissue during intense exercise.
Pisane’s arginine content is the highest of all commercially available proteins and contributes to enhanced immune responses. The lysine content of pea protein helps with the building of muscle protein and which is required for growth and bone development.
Our all natural RICH IN HEALTH® - High Protein Powder is free from artificial colourings or additives, gluten free, and has a low GI rating. High Protein Powder is mixed using a state of the art blending system to achieve a highly refined Proteinpowder which is smooth in texture, even in flavour and easily dissolved to give you a refreshing and clean taste. Our exclusive blending process allows for versatility including use in Delicious :hot & cold beverages, sports drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, cakes & muffins etc.
Rich In Health - Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder

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Pea Protein Facts

82% Protein

keeps you feeling full longer

98% Digestability

protein when your body needs it

Allergen Free

Great clean healthy protein powder suitable for people of all ages

No Preservatives

Free from harmful additives like it naturally should be

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