RICH IN HEALTH is an Australian company producing a premium Pea Protein Powder suiatble for all Vegans and Vegetarians. Our Oat Shake Plus (Concentrated Oat Bran Drink ) is excellent for weight management and dieting. It makes a great tasting drink when mixed with your favourite beverage and provides many other health benefits when taken daily.

Being the original Australian blenders of Pea Protein Powder we use a proven method of flavoured protein shake powder production that delivers an unmatched and superior taste throughout our entire range of products. Our Original Rich In Health Pea Protein Powder has the highest Bio-avilable 100% Vegetable Protein at 82%. Rich In Health protein powder is also available in specially blended Organic Flavours , Strawberry, Vanilla and High anti-oxidant Chocolate. All our powders are very easy to mix with any beverage of your choice and they make a perfect refreshing healthly drink.


Our Pea Protein Powder is availble in 500 gram and 1 kilo tubs as well as bulk deals and starter sample packs. Special Rich In Health Shaker bottles make it quick and easy to make your shakes and take them with you.


Oat Shake Plus is a new product line which is based on a natural Beta-glucan powder (specially concentrated Oat Bran) which is a highly bio-active molecule that can assist in maintaining a healthy metabolism by acting on the digestive systems and enhancing the immune system. It is very effective in facilitating weight loss when used as a meal replacement. The most notable health benefits can include a descrease in cholesterol absoroption, blood glucose regulation, digestive cleansing, increased immune response. 


Oat Shake Plus is great tasting Oat Drink! It flavoured with an organic vanilla flavour and sweetend naturally with stevia, it contains 18% Protein, 20% beta glucan and 20% Soluble fiber.